A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Down the 'Verse is a third-person spacecraft shooter. It features a mission structure and RPG elements.

In it, you are a lone pilot hunted by a drone fleet. Strapped for funds, you must also race to escape your predicament. You will take down challenging bosses along the way.

Completing missions will earn you experience, which you can use to select better pilot perks.

Main Menu:

  • Click to enter the mode you wish to see.

Mission Selection:

  • Use WASD to navigate to a mission. Click to select it.

Combat Controls:

  • Left analog stick up/down, W/S: Accelerate and Throttle
  • Right analog stick, mouse move: Pitch and Roll
  • LB/RB, Q/E: Change attack target
  • LT/RT, Left-click/Right-click: Fire Missile, Fire Laser

Down the 'Verse was a semester-long student project. Source code is available on GitHub, along with a post-mortem evaluation.

Install instructions

Mac OS X (10.9.2 or later required): Extract .zip file release. Open DownTheVerse application.

Windows: Extract .zip file release. Run DownTheVerse.exe.

Unreal Engine 4 source: https://github.com/LtGravemind/DownTheVerse


Down the 'Verse 1.0 - Windows 8 MB
Down the 'Verse 1.0 - Mac OS X 46 MB